Hi, I'm Alexandre Haederli
I tell stories with words — and sometimes a bit of code
I'm a journalist working for two Sunday newspapers in Switzerland. I'm part of a small team focusing on investigation and I like to dig into the data to find good stories to tell. Sometimes I make interactive graphics which allow our readers to explore the data by themselves. I code in javascript, python and php. I also do training for colleagues covering data journalism.

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A few projects I was involved in
Sharp increase of lobbyists in the Swiss parliament
Data from an academic study show the increase of ties between Swiss politicians and lobbyists from 1992 to 2015. I used RAWGraphs ans AI2HTML to generate streamgraph to illustrate the article.
Sharp increase of lobbyists in the Swiss parliament
Swiss Administration Procurements
Each year the federal administration purchases more than five billion francs worth of goods and services from private companies. This application, created with the help of Datastory, shows what type of goods and services each department spends its budget on. It also reveals the administration’s biggest suppliers.
Swiss Administration Procurements Swiss Administration Procurements Swiss Administration Procurements Swiss Administration Procurements
Swiss Crashmap
An interactive map with all the 200 000+ car crashes in Switzerland since 2011. User can zoom until street level to see where crashes happened in his neighborhood. (edit 2017: the map is not online anymore)
The Swiss Crashmap The Swiss Crashmap The Swiss Crashmap
The Rise of Car Crashes Caused by Elderly Drivers
We analyzed the car crashes data and published several stories. The most recent one is about the rise of crashes caused by people aged of 70+.
Article in Le Matin Dimanche Infographic in Le Matin Dimanche
Breaking into Parliamentarians' Laptops
We hired a security expert to hack high level parliamentarians. He managed to get sensitive documents, like minutes of confidential meeting, in two cases out of three.
Article in SonntagsZeitung Article in Le Matin Dimanche
Tracking Stolen Bikes with GPS
We equipped bikes with a GPS system hidden in the light. We let bikes get stolen in three cities and followed the thieves. The result is available in three storymaps made with the awesome Knight Lab's Storymaps.js.
Online Storymap Online Storymap
Looking for Vulnerable Infrastructures on the Internet
We used search engine Shodan to look for unsecure connected devices. We found a lot of private unprotected NAS and webcams. And also some SCADA system like the door looking system of one of the biggest football stadium in the country.
Article in Le Matin Dimanche The stadium's looking system
Swiss Police Forces own 900 Speed Cameras
Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request - and 18 months of patience, we managed to know exactly how many speed cameras are active in Switzerland. And who owns them. The details were made available in a d3.js infographic.
The d3.js map The d3.js infographic
The First Known Case of a Swiss Jihadist
No data involved here. We told the story of a young jihadist from Switzerland after he came back from Syria. We revealed that for the first time the Swiss Federal Prosecutor opened an investigation against a jihadist.
Article in Le Matin Dimanche Article in SonntagsZeitung
Nursing Homes in Numbers
We crunched 60+ variables of each 1558 nursing homes for elderly people in the country. We hit a big story on how some of them spare money on the back of old people and nurses. And we published an online map with easily understandable informations.
Nursing homes online map Nursing homes online map Article in Le Matin Dimanche